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What a perfect place to celebrate our honeymoon.  We have traveled all over Colorado and have yet to find such an incredible place as Marble and the Crystal river Valley.  
— Adam & Lavern - Denver 9/7  

We loved your cabin.  We caught 24 trout, they tasted great.  The trip to Crystal was nerve racking but great.  
Thanks Randy, Dixie & the boys.  
P.S. You have no clocks. That was nice not having to worry about time.  Just relax, Thanks!! 8/1  

We all loved staying here for the first time. Zane and WIll loved riding bikes, playing in the creek and Beaver Lake.  We all plan on coming back someday to stay again, there are not enough hours in the day to do all the fun activities here, Thanks for giving us the vacation we will always remember.  
— Orville, Debra, Courtney, Will,  Zane - Topeka, KS. 7/1  

This place is a keeper.  My daughter and I came to get away from everything.  It was so peaceful.  Not far from great activities.  
— Barb - Mt. Lion, IL. 3/6 

Your cabin is set in a beautiful area - quiet and peaceful.  It was a great base for exploring the surrounding towns.  Thanks.
— Jeff Wellington, New Zealand 6/28  

We, the Stennes family enjoyed our white xmas at your cabin and the township of Marble, doing some hiking and snowshoeing.  Thank you.  
— Larry, Kersten, Daren, Hannah, Jube, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska 12/30  

Once again an incredible experience.  The rain that accompanied our arrival changed to snow and blanketed the valley, providing a beautiful, contrast to the still changing fall colors.  Wonderful, cool temperatures and eventually a brilliant sunny day.  Alas we must return to St. Louis and the "real world".  Once again, our Brittanies say thanks for providing such a great place for their annual adventure.  
Warmest regards, the Buckners 9/29

Marble was just as beautiful as ever.  We enjoyed the Hide-A-way and all of it's conveniences, especially the washer and dryer.  For all of those wet hiking clothes!  It has rained every day that we've been here, but it's been a nice, refreshing rain in the evening, with plenty of sunshine for hiking and fishing  We did the Mt. Daily hike.  It was spectacular to look over the pass (McClure) and into Paonia.  We saw paw prints in the mud near Outward Bound.  They seem to have been Mt. Lion or Lynx, as they were clawless and quite large.  We saw an eagle toward the top of Daily.  It was so awesome to see the bird soar accross the mountain tops. Although we have hiked Daily before, and Treasure Mountain for the past 2 years, this was my favorite hike yet.  
— The Simons - Cleveland, OH. 8/17  

Your cabin rekindled my memories of my girl friend/my past/my future. Beautifully furnished yet compact. The one you would expect to have on a romantic get-away. I'll be back sometime.....
— B.J. Nov.

We were 8 friends from Cincinnati, OH. Life took us to four corners of this continent - California, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio. Your cabin was a focal point for all of us to converge & relive our memories for 2 days.
— Thanks, Rnsanah - San Francisco, CA. 11/23

Thank you so much for letting us experience a new part of Colorado.l Being natives, our family was beginning to question how much fun we coul d have with yet another vacation to the Rocky Mountains (we went to Silverton last summer). However, we were pleasantly surprised! It was so nice to have a cabin to come home too after hikes to Crystal City, and spelunking in the Glenwood Caverns, and biking Glenwood Canyon, It was also much more roomier for our family of seven than any hotel suite will ever be. Thanks again, we had a wonderful time and will be back here soon. God Bless
— The Propst family 7/31

Our second stay was better than the first. We loved the electric storm and cards by the oil lamp when the electricity failed. The forest was fresh with wonderful smells. All the leaves started changing this week. We took Gunner up Avalanch Creed near Avalanch Ranch for swimming and hiking. Drove over Kebler Pass for lunch in Crested Butte. Tour of the Yule Marble Quarry is a MUST-a high-lite of the visit. A day in Aspen was also fun. Thank you again.
— Pat & Al - Indian Wells CA. 5/15

Thanks so much for letting us stay in your cabin. We loved seeing your dogs when they came around. We did see the bear digging in the garbage at about 3:00 a.m. Had a lot of fun on the jeep tour to Crystal Mill, and some of us swam in a pool up by the quarry. Enjoyed the Penn ot Springs and Redstone Castle tour. Found lots of stuff to buy in Redstone too. Over all had a great experience.
— Callie - St. Paul Minnesota 7/11

We had a wonderful honeymoon here in Marble. We intended to ski most of the week, but we ended up just taking in the beauty of this area. We did get one day in of skiing at Buttermilk. You have truly made your cabin a little home away from home. We hope to be back.
— Kris & Amy - Elsie, Michigan 1/7

We wanted to ski - we skied everyday. We wanted mountains - a view out the window and all around. We wanted a place where we could honeymoon with our dogs. The Marble Hide-away had it all, snow, sun, and wonderful places for our dogs.
— Greg & Wendy - Zuni, N.M. 1/3

Returned to Marble after 18 year absence. As beautiful as ever - one of the few places in the Colorado Rockies that has successfully resisted change. Thanks Marble. Had great days hiking and relaxing in your beautiful town and love your hideaway. Will be back.
— Dan & Margee - Amery, Wisconsin 7/15


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